Start thinking of your topic for the ever-popular, all-so-amazing, not-to-be-missed PECHA KUCHA.

What is a PECHA KUCHA? It is a presentation on any topic of your choice presented by showing 20 slides for which you speak 20 seconds (on each slide).

For now, all you need to do is think of a topic you want to know more about, love, are fascinated by, or just think is cool. Then, narrow your idea down to a very narrow slice of information.

Previous PECHA KUCHA presentations include: famous waterfalls, classic cars, cuisines of various countries, dirt bike riding/moto-cross, Audrey Hepburn, interesting Halloween facts, women’s soccer teams, JKF conspiracy theories, famous persons of color, Southern California landmarks, modern-day feminist icons, martial arts, Jackie Robinson, retro Jordans, newly discovered species, Irish dance, ballet, pollution, dangerous animals, chemistry, the Milky Way, Harry Potter, skateboarding, famous surfers, extreme sports, and much, much more.

As you can see, just about anything goes. The only topics that are off-limits include weapons, violent crimes, sex offenders, and anything else I don’t approve. In addition, your PECHA KUCHA must contain appropriate language and G-rated images.

Put on your thinking caps!


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