Today, Stephanie and eleven other amazing DUSD kids were recognized at Warren High School. Every recipient of the ESS award had an amazing story of courage, resilience, tenacity, fortitude, and perseverance. I was truly humbled to be surrounded by such incredible young people, especially Stephanie. Everyone at SMS is very proud of you!! Congratulations!!



Congratulations to MISS STEPHANIE V., this year’s recipient of the Every Student Succeeding Award. The ESS award is given to one student from each school in the DUSD. Stephanie was selected for this special honor because she is resilient, motivated, positive, kind-hearted, committed to academic excellence, and a joy to be around. 

FullSizeRender (1)

As your Honors English teacher, I want to say that it is my pleasure to know you and have you for a student!

On behalf of all your teachers, your counselor, Mrs. Israel, and the SMS Administration, I would like to say THANK YOU, STEPHANIE, FOR BEING WONDERFUL YOU!




  1. Thank you so much Ms.Warzybok for being the world’s absolute best teacher,you have been there for me through a lot and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you as my teacher.I would truly like to thank all my friends,family,and my incredible teachers.I truly love all the support I have gotten.Thank you so much!!!<3

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