MAY 8, 2016

Mother’s Day may be a day that makes you incredibly happy or incredibly sad. At your age, if you don’t have your mom around you probably feel like an outsider because all of your friends have a mom. Maybe your mom passed away. Perhaps she is unable to care for you, and you are being raised by a foster parent or a relative like an aunt or grandmother. Your mom might be incarcerated. She might live in another country, while you live in the U.S. There are many reasons why you might not be able to see your mom this Mother’s Day. And all of them make you miss your mom and feel sad.

I feel sad, too, for you who will be without your mom this weekend. I know what that empty place in your heart feels like because my mom isn’t here anymore. She passed away just after I graduated from college, and I miss her every day. Even though I’m “old,” there’s a part of me that is still “little.”

If you are able to see your mom on Sunday, I hope you will tell her you love her and spend time with her and make her feel special. I hope you will celebrate her!

If, however, on Sunday, you aren’t able to be with your mother, it is my wish that you will spend time with a special woman in your life – a sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend. That empty place in your heart will always be there, but it will not always be so tender and bruised. It will not always hurt so deeply.

Your mother gave you life, and I am pretty certain that it is/was her hope that you would have an amazing life filled with joy, friends, happiness, fun times, success, and all of the beautiful and wonderful things in life. Honor your mom with your life. Be kind. Work hard. Laugh a lot. Have fun. Be incredible.





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