ERWC MODULE IV ESSAY WRITING: The Construction of a College Experience




Directions for Writing – Include the following information in the introduction

  • A hook or lead to grab your reader’s’ attention. This could be a statistic, a quote, an anecdote.
  • Background information: tell the reader that you have read several articles about college (preparing to go to college; the expenses of college; benefits of college). You do not need to go into detail about what the articles said. You only need to let the reader know you have been doing some research on the topic of going to college.
  • Thesis statement: Declare your position as to whether or not you believe attending college is right for you. Do not explain your position. Just state your claim.



  • These paragraphs include information that supports your position. Each reason you do/do not think college is for you must be supported with information from one or more of the articles. You must use quotation marks around the citation and give the source from where you got your information. You need to tie the information cited back to your reason. Connect everything for you reader.
  • Create smaller paragraphs that are each focused on one idea. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and supporting details.
  • One paragraph can be about how much more money a college grad makes vs. a high school grad. You might have another paragraph that addresses the opportunities a college grad has vs. a high school grade. Another paragraph might be about how your career choice requires a person to have a higher education.
  • In addition, you must give examples, illustrations, and statistics and connect this evidence back to your thesis.



  • This paragraph must contain different points of view that are in opposition to your position. After you state the opposing point of view you must address these counterarguments by doing at least one of the following:
    • Refute it by showing why the counterargument is wrong or incorrect or not true.
    • Acknowledge that there is some validity to the counterargument, but show how your argument/opinion is better.



  • Restate your thesis.
  • Include a final, solid argument to support your thesis, such as your plans for the future or the ways your life will be improved by going/not going to college.

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