TODAY IS NATIONAL “RIDE THE WIND” DAY!  National Ride The Wind Day commemorates the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer prize.  It was on August 23rd of 1977 that the Gossamer Condor 2,  flew the first figure-eight course specified by the Royal Aeronautical Society, at Minter Field in Shafter, CaLifornia.  Slowly cruising at only 11 mph, it traveled a distance of 2,172 meters. In the event you lack a human-powered aircraft, flying a kite is always a good back plan.




One of the trickiest cakes for bakers to master, a perfect sponge stands tall with a fine crumb while remaining moist.  Often served with fresh whipped cream and berries, sponge cake layers nicely as well.

The sponge cake is believed to be one of the first non-yeasted cakes. It is said to have originated in the Caribbean. The earliest English printed recipe for sponge cake is in the 1615 book of English poet and author Gervase Markham entitled The English Huswife, Containing the Inward and Outward Virtues Which Ought to Be in a Complete Woman.

Get some sponge cake and enjoy. Or, if you are up to the challenge, try this Glorious Sponge Cake recipe.


information from the National Day Calendar

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