As you may know, I love dogs. I have four of my own, and if it were possible, I would have as many dogs as Cesar Milan or Oprah. Unfortunately, having that many dogs is not possible.

The other day, someone posted a picture of a dog that had been abandoned. This person is not able to keep her, so I am going to keep her until I find her a “furever” home. She is about five years old and some sort of Chihuahua mix. She has been spayed (that means she cannot have puppies), and she is in good health.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Dogs need clean, fresh water every day and good-quality dog food. They need to be loved and cared for. Dogs need shots, a license, and sometimes medical attention. In addition, they need to go for walks and to play. They need shelter and should not be left outside unattended.

If you and your family are looking for a dog to love, or if you know someone who is looking to adopt a dog, please consider this sweet girl. Her new family will get to name her.



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