If you would like to earn some extra credit points before the end of the semester, plan to complete this mini-research project, due Monday, November 28th.
1. Decide on a topic of interest or choose a current event.
2. Go to the Britannica website: Britannica School or the link on the Sussman Library
The log in for Britannica is:
user namedusd
3. Select “middle” for your learning level.
4. Next, go to”Explore Brittanica,” and choose one of the “icons” on the right (articles, biographies, world atlas, etc.).
5. From there, browse the articles until you find something that interests you.
6. Read the article. Decide if you like it enough to annotate it with text tags and commentary and create questions/answers for it.
7. If you want to commit to this article, find the “print” button, and print out the article.
8. Read the article again.
9. Annotate the article using text tags and commentary. Minimum three tags/comments per page.
10. Come up with five questions related to the article. Questions cannot be answered with “yes” or “no.”
11. Answer the questions using complete sentences.
12. Turn in on Monday, November 28th. No late work accepted. No exceptions!

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