I’m thankful for…

My mother because of her great personality, humor, love, and amazing cooking skills – Ifunaya

My close friends – Jesus

My afternoon snack of hummus and pretzels – Ramond

My mom because she drives me to the library to check out books – Zoe

Being Ms. Warzybok’s student – Kevin

All the colors in the world – Christian P.

My sister taking out the trash for me – Gustavo

Having positive role models – Isaiah C.

The genuine people who surround me – Charity

The opportunity to be on the SMS soccer team – Melanie

Obtaining a haircut – Javier

My brother taking the day off from work to go to the movies with me – Julian

The holidays – Alexis C

My tia being healed before Thanksgiving – Johnny

Having the greatest childhood – Ismael

The challenges and blessings in my life – Cobe

Popcorn – Arleth

Ms. Powers because she is kind and loves that I like to read books – Isabel M.

The energy to play sports – Sandy

Art supplies – Dayra

Living in a country that lets people be innovative – Jeffrey

Being thirteen – Derrick

Laughter, sunsets, and diversity – Izabela C.

The food on my plate – Christian T.

Setting up the Christmas tree with my family – Kyle

School and how we are safe while we are there learning – Matthew G.

Frozen grapes – Adam

Having teachers who care about my grades – Matthew R.

Marching Band because it is very fun, and I experience many new things – Gabriel

Cold weather – Katlyn

My education – Alyssa Alv.

The surgery that made my knees normal – Alexis All.

Faith, because sometimes it is the only option to get me through tough times – Ziggy

My hair – Alyssa H.

All the veterans who risked and are risking their lives to keep us safe – Kimberly

Being able to fit in when I transferred to Sussman – Desere H.

Knowing how to play the piano – Stephen

Black Friday discounts – Aristani

Having good grades at school – Desiree E.

The challenges in life; if not for challenges, I wouldn’t be the person I am now – Vannessa

My parents not giving up on me – Brooklyn R.

The police. Without them, the world would be chaos – Jacqueline

The kind deeds others do for me – Eliana

My grandma, uncle, and step-dad – Jeremy Ca.

God and His amazing mercy upon me – Eduardo

Knowing how to cook and bake – Luis G.

Clean, running water – Ivan

My church family – Joseph

My right to freedom of speech, which means expressing my thoughts & feelings – Syeda

My family. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them – Austin

Sussman Middle School – Yency

My family who cares about me, takes care of me, feeds me, and keeps me safe – Valentina

My mom who took me to the movies even though she doesn’t like going to the movies – Auggie

Football because my dad and I enjoy watching it together – Rick

Becoming a Tia to my nephew Jackson in 2017 – Sofia

America for standing up to the British – David A.G.

My culture – Erick

Law enforcement and firemen – Clemente

My very fun trip to Xel-ha, where I got to scuba dive, swim in caves & with animals – Dania

The birth of Jesus – Anthony J.

My mom and dad – Emily

Winning in a “knock-out” tournament for our school’s ASPIRE club – David R.G.

God and the Virgin Mary – Leslie, a “proud Catholic”

Ivan giving me a helping hand at school today – Fabian

Learning from my mistakes – Kristofer

The people I can trust – Bailey

Mr. Bisorca as my P.E. teacher – Emmanuel

My Pioneer Passport – Jordan

Chili-cheese fries and soccer – Brooklyn P.

The people who fight for our freedom – Abigail

To wake up every morning and remain positive – Daniella

My guitar – Christina

My parents – Mark

Mrs. Hamano – Manny

My dogs because they keep me company & they are cuddleable – Melissa

My job – Darian

My coaches – Janell

Ms. Warzybok – David M.

My mom – Joshua

Books because they take me on new journeys – Janene

Food on the table every day – Bianca

Obama – Marysol

My older brother who always gives me good advice – Angelina

Having arms – David H.

For the government, which helps my family stay safe and healthy – Luis L.

to be continued…



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