It is very rare that I see a movie worth talking about, let alone recommending to students. But, the film, Hidden Figures, is definitely worth celebrating. If you have not heard of this incredible true story, let me just say that it’s a must-see movie about science, NASA, math, and three incredibly intelligent Black female engineers who made history in 1961.

If you would like to earn extra credit for seeing this film, here is what you need to do:

  1. Provide proof to me that you went to see the movie. This can be a ticket stub or a screen-shot of an online purchase of a ticket. Go see the movie while it is still in theatres. If you go to the first show of the day, the cost of a ticket is usually very reasonable. If you are unable to afford a ticket to see the movie, please come see me privately before school, at snack, or after school.

  2. In your own words, tell me what scene/situation you found most inspirational and explain why.

  3. Explain to me, in your own words, the way each woman showed courage despite the challenges she faced.

  4. What message did this movie leave with you? Explain.

  5. This extra-credit offer is good only while the film is in theatres.


click on the link below to view the trailer



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