The tri-fold college fair project is due on Friday, May 5th. Late projects will be marked down one full letter grade for each day it is late. Plan ahead, and start working on your project now. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

Your project must contain the following information. However, you may add interesting facts and details to enhance your project.

Be sure to contact the college or university you are researching to ask them to send you information such as brochures, maps, pennants, etc.

Your trifold must be decorated on all sides. In other words, use color or pictures on the front and the back. You will be graded on creativity, use of color, neatness, and display of information.

A. In the center of the tri-fold, please include the following.

  1. Name of school. Public or private?
  2. The school’s motto
  3. The school’s mascot
  4. The school’s colors
  5. Optional: The year the school was established.

B. On the left side of the tri-fold, please include the following:

  1. Location (address including the city and state) and campus map (picture)
  2. Cost of tuition amount for residents and out-of-state students.
  3. Number of students in the undergraduate population. Total number of students.
  4. Breakdown of students by ethnicity (pie chart with percentages).
  5. Required GPA for admission; required SAT scores.
  6. Acceptance rate (ratio of students accepted)

C. On the right side of the tri-fold, please choose four out of the ten include the following (you may choose more than four but no less):

Options for the right side:

  1. Sports/ activities? List a few that interest you.
  2. Commuter school? Housing options? Dorms? Apartments? Cost?
  3. Majors (list of broad categories)
  4. Education abroad? Where to? How long?
  5. Clubs/ activities? List a few that interest you.
  6. Food: Meal plans? Eateries? Cost of meal plans?
  7. Transportation? Cost for parking? Are cars allowed on campus?
  8. Ratio of students to teacher? In other words, how big are undergraduate classes?
  9.  Scholarships? Financial aid? Work study?
  10. Other areas of interest?



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