WHAT WE DID: 11/17

      • “The History of Pardoning Turkeys Began With Tad Lincoln”

      • Use complete sentences and include the question in your answer.

        1. What does the NFT stand for?
        2. What happened to all of the birds the NFT presented to President Eisenhower?
        3. What does the word “pardon” mean in the context of the article.
        4. What did President Kennedy not do to the turkey?
        5. What is the author’s purpose? PIE?? How do you know?
        6. In 1989, what did President George H.W. Bush do with the holiday turkey he was presented? Explain.
        7. What happened to most of Tad’s brothers?
        8. Why couldn’t Tad eat solid food?
        9. Why wasn’t the first Thanksgiving celebrated under President Lincoln?
        10. What did President Lincoln want to do with Jack? What made him change his mind?



2 thoughts on “WHAT WE DID: 11/17

    • Hello Alejandro,

      We have done two writing on demand persuasive essays. The only one that has been turned in was the one about Kim and the French lessons. The other one about Stonewood mall requiring chaperones for teens is in google classroom, but it is not due until after the break. I hope this helps.


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